Friday, July 11, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies... again

I want to have my own personal perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, that is all mine and that results in cookies exactly the way I like them, so I am going to keep making cookies until I have it! NOT a bad way to spend the summer! Today, I started with the spiced oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just tried, because I loved the consistency of those cookies. Then, I laz-i-fied:

The laz-i-fication consisted of using all butter instead of 2/3 butter and 1/3 shortening, chocolate pudding instead of vanilla, no nutmeg, just a pinch of cinnamon, and double the salt. Unlike the weird nasty batter of the previous recipe, the batter for these was DELICIOUS (especially before the oats went in, god, I was afraid I wasn't goign to have enough batter left over to make the effing cookies!) Out of the oven, they are fantastic and I think I will definitely make them again in this form, but I think that with this methodology they are now too chocolatey to properly be called chocolate chip cookies. I am glad that I left the pinch of cinnamon in; I think it prevents them from being too blandly sweet. For my next try, I am going to use the same method I used tonight but with vanilla pudding again, and possibly no cinnamon (I think the cinnamon goes better with the chocolate base than the vanilla). Then, I think I'm going to have it!


Iroquois Pliskin said...

First of all, this lag is nothing but an endless parade of awesomeness. Tari and Galen also both gave your photography high marks. If I actually knew how to make food I would get more out of it.

When I look back on my 29 years I have a few regrets:
1) We shall never do any high-level raiding
2) I was not physically present for the events described in your rack of lamb post.

laz said...

I was, in fact, conducting a high level raid when I received my email notification about this comment.

I am buying a bed for my 2nd bedroom (in my palatial midwestern estate), so if I make rack of lamb again I'll let you know. :)