Monday, July 7, 2008

Cookie ala picard

I'm kind of reluctant to post anything and knock the rack of lamb post down, because the rack of lamb was so delicious and I want to look at it all the time and hug it and squeeze it and love it forever! And these cookies that I just baked while watching picard communicate with a bizzare alien species on ST: TNG aren't very cool in comparison:

These were another of the epicurious clearing house recipes I've been trying. They are oatmeal chocolate chip. I was actually pretty surprised when they came out of the oven and I liked them, because I did NOT like the batter. It was a weird batter; it had pudding mix and shortening and nutmeg in it (and I dumped like 4 tspns of nutmeg in there because I thought I had a filter on my nutmeg bottle but it was just wide open). Perhaps because of all the excess nutmeg, I think these would be a good christmas cookie. Because of the pudding, the oatmeal is not as crunchy and hard and gross as it can be in oatmeal cookies; you can barely tell its in there in the finished product. They look good, too!

UPDATED: I dunno, this cookie recipe might be THE ONE. I'm going to have to try again without dumping half a bottle of nutmeg in to know for sure, but the consistency and appearance of these is what I would consider ideal for chocolate chip cookies!

Update 2: I'm going to try these again tonight with the following changes:
-- Using all butter instead of part butter part shortening
-- Using chocolate pudding mix instead of vanilla
-- 1 tsp salt instead of .5 tsps

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