Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July Apple Pie II

Is it a tradition yet if I only made apple pie on the fourth of july two years in a row?  How many times do I have to do it for it to be a tradition?  I WANT IT TO BE A TRADITION.  Up to and including the little paper american flag on a toothpick in the center:

I saved the pack of toothpick american flags from last year.  I want to use the same one every year!  I think the pack has like 100 in it, so that should do me right.  

I actually don't like apple pie very much as a dessert, but one time a year, on the fourth of july, with vanilla ice cream, this recipe is heaven.  There's just something soothing and homey and comforting about making and eating an apple pie on the fourth of july!  It is idiomatically appropriate!  And makes my house smell gooooddd for the rest of the week.  My favorite part of making it this year was dunking the apples and pie crust that didn't fit in the pie pan into the caramel that I made as a glaze and eating them.  Gurgle!

Last year I think I doubled the amount of caramel that the recipe called for, and I think I should do that again next year (when I do this again, as tradition befits!) 


Jaime said...

That is one beautiful and patriotic pie.

laz said...

I can assure you that in addition to being beautiful and patriotic, it was also delicious: I ate the entire thing in 2.5 days!

Meli said...

this is the most beautiful pie i have ever seen.

also, i think once you do it a 2nd time, and if you plan to do it every year after that, its a tradition. :)

laz said...

Tomorrow it will be time to make another pie! And thanks to my blog, I won't forget to double the caramel!