Monday, July 28, 2008

Ginga Shizuku: Divine Droplets

My second sake is Ginga Shizuku: Divine Droplets. This one is bottled by Takasago, and is described on the bottle as "Fragrant, Clean, Fresh." The first impression I have when I drink it is that I don't like it as much as White Dragon, because it's not as sweet. Instead, it is, in fact "clean and fresh" in the way that freshly cut and watered grass is clean and fresh (i.e., it is clean and fresh and tastes like grass, if only mildly so on account of having just been washed). On my second drink (after brushing my teeth) I like it better. Possibly because the toothpaste remnants in my mouth prevent me from tasting the mild grass-y end taste that I disliked in korean rice wines and will also dislike in sake.

I got Divine Droplets at Sunsinger. Although they only had three varieties of sake there, when I asked where it was the "sake expert" was called over to help me. I ignored everything he said and bought the mid-price bottle.

For now, White Dragon is my favorite (of two,) but I wouldn't NOT drink Divine Droplets again if given the opportunity. Especially if I have just brushed my teeth.

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