Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hakuryu: White Dragon

After doing the Korean Rice Wine experiment (where I got to try 24 Korean rice wines in 45 minutes) and discovering that I like sweet rice wine, and because korean rice wine is essentially unavailable in Champaign, I have been drinking a lot of sake.  The first one I tried was Hakuryu:  White Dragon.  This is a cold sake, bottled by Dai-Ginjo.  I chose it because it was the only one at Friar Tuck's that had the descriptor "fruity" on the bottle.

I didn't like it quite as much as my favorite of the Korean Rice Wines, but it was nice.  It was, indeed fruity.  I drank it over a week or so while playing WOW.  I would drink it again, but first I need to try some others to see how it compares to different types. 

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