Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walnut Brownies

Next in my recipe box clearing was a Walnut Brownie recipe.  I have tried lots of brownie recipes, and I have never found one that I would rather make again than abandon in search of a better one, but I am eternally optimistic that the next one is going to be THE ONE.  We ended up eating them with vanilla ice cream while playing lego star wars:

Usually I HATE nuts in my brownies but these had very few ingredients so I thought they would probably need some texture.  I ended up thinking that these were way too bitter, so for me the vanilla ice cream saved the night, but my friends said they liked them as they were.  Probably they were just being polite though.  If I make these again, I think I will use some bittersweet or semisweet chocolate instead of all unsweetened like the recipe called for, and toss some chocolate chips in there instead of walnuts.  

This recipe wasn't all bad though: I didn't have to use a double boiler to melt the chocolate (actually, probably because it was unsweetened so being close to the heat couldn't possibly make it any more bitter), there were only like 3 ingredients (so they were easy to make!) and the texture came out very nice:  velvety and not too dense (after my previous cherry brownie baking experience, I would have been really put off if my brownies had come out that dense again.)


Iroquois Pliskin said...

Star Wars is better in Lego form, n'est-ce pas?

Is there a choice I have when it comes to nut inclusion on this one? I have this ingrained aversion to walnuts and I find it ruins the brownie experience most times.

laz said...

Yeah I hate walnuts on my brownies too most of the time, I'm with you. I think that if I make this particular recipe again, I will put some semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips in the batter and leave off the walnuts.