Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy birthday from the libertyville tavern

Close your eyes, and imagine taking a bite into a steak. Your teeth first contact a thin layer of salty resistance that would be crunchy if it wasn't so delicate. Then they slide into meat that tastes like it has been doused in butter. The meat is less stringy than any other meat you have ever had, softer, easier to eat. Its flavor is simply MEAT, this is what meat tastes like in its elemental form. Don't open your eyes, the visual impressions will interfere with your enjoyment. You can't stopper your ears, which would detract from your tasting the meat except that the whiny, mean patron at the next table who assaulted the waitress about the wine by the glass selection has just been told that she can't have a Wagyu, because the last one has been sold.

This is what happened to me bite after bite into my Wagyu strip steak at the libertyville tavern on monday. Add to this repeated taste sensation a wine list with 1500 entries (we got the 2004 Cotes du Rhone straight from the stiff arm of the vinier, and I had to use my silverware as a bookmark when I ordered so I wouldn't lose my place), the Caesar salad with anchovies (as Caesar salads are MEANT to be prepared) and the waiter who came over to us with a giant tray covered with a white sheet, which, when uncovered revealed 5 varieties of bread still warm from being freshly baked on site (I had the rosemary and the poblano cheese), and you get the best birthday meal ever!

EW had an organic uruguayan steak, and we split the mushroom special side dish and the garlic potatoe puree with horseradish cheddar between us. The mushroom side dish had lobster mushrooms in it, and they were actually pink and actually tasted like lobster.

The Libertyville Tavern is on the top 10 for chicago steakhouses, even though it's an hour away from chicago, and after my visit I can understand why.


Iroquois Pliskin said...

Meat ponography!

No seriously though steak is amazing.

laz said...

Yeah, I was going to compare the texture of the meat to a nipple, or an erect penis, but I decided that was too, too, lazy. It is much more impressive to make it clear that the experience of biting down on the meat was similar to that of biting down on a nipple without ever using the word "nipple."