Saturday, August 2, 2008

Laszlo Rangoon

I was super hungry when I got back from the gym today, and I had purchased some cream cheese and wonton wrappers from the grocery store last week, so I decided to make some cream cheese, chive, cheddar, and garlic won tons to accompany my leftover vietnamese soup :

They are pretty good; how could they not be with ingredients of oil, wonton, creamcheese, garlic, chive, and cheddar cheese? I had to make about 20 (I way overestimated how much filling could go in each wrapper when I made the filling) and I ate about 2 and now am too full to eat my soup or the rice I made to go with it. I think next time I make a cheese wonton like this, I will put some sri racha in there and maybe some roasted garlic inside the wrapper (instead of sauteed in the frying oil) for a little more flavor to go along with what is a nice, fatty, crispy on the outside chewy on the inside consistency.

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