Sunday, August 31, 2008

Red Velvet Cake 3: The Red Velvetting

I decided that one of the items in the 1 x 2 array of desserts I made for my birthday party was going to be a red velvet cake. If additional rationale is required for that decision, I provide the following argument: red velvet cake is delicious. It is also exotic and beautiful:

My camera is still broken so instead of a nice prop shot taken yesterday that could have revealed how even and nicely iced this cake was, we get this dorky imac photobooth photo of me in my pajamas looking at the cake with a mien that can only say "I got up at 645 this morning to let the dog out, and am now trying to pretend like i am interested in a neon red cake."

As proposed in my previous post about red velvet cake 2, I constructed this one using the cake recipe from the FAAGS cake and the icing recipe from red velvet cake 2. Perfection! Comparison of the cake ingredients for the FAAGS cake and red velvet cake 2 reveals that the FAAGS cake includes regular flour and SIX eggs, while red velvet cake 2 includes cake flour and THREE eggs. The result of this difference being that the FAAGS cake is much heavier and moister, which I like. (It also has double the cholesterol!)

I was able to use the platinum / teflon CIA cake pans my mom got me for my birthday for this cake, and WOW. Nary a crumb was to be seen stuck to the pan after I turned the cake out! I cut around the edges before I turned it out just for form's sake, but I really wouldn't have needed to. The result of this fabulous lack of cake sticking was that this was the first layer cake I have ever constructed that wasn't severely lopsided. Yay for platinum / teflon non-stick and practiced butter / flouring!


operationseng said...

I'm coming over for the next red velvet!

laz said...

sure. Are you someone I know?