Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sponge Cake Test

I tried out the almond spongecake recipe I was thinking of making for my dog meeting, cake eating birthday party, and I'm afraid it wasn't a success:

The cake was just really egg-y, which I guess is to be expected since there was more egg than any other ingredient. I think I must not have beaten the eggs enough: I don't have an electric mixer and even though I thought I beat the shit out of these, the cake still came out dense and egg tasting. I did my best to disguise the egg-taste by making little cake, chocolate buttercream, cake, chocolate buttercream, confectioner's sugar finger sandwiches, but I won't be making this for my birthday.

I think what might be more along the lines of the consistency (and non-egg taste) I want is an almond flavored pound cake: I will be trying that next.

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