Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cablab spr breakfast

Tomorrow my entire lab ships out to austin, texas for SPR. Since I refuse to drive the van, and will spend the entire trip alternately complaining about how tired, hung over, hungry, or mortified by stomach acid and / or the stupidity of others I am, I do my best to add to lab happiness on conference trips by making breakfast for our inevitable 100 hour journey deep in the butt crack of morning from champaign to a place with a real airport:

My mom is coming to visit me in 3 weeks, and she requested that I make her scones when she is here. I haven't made scones in a while, so I decided to make 4 practice batches for our trip. Half are blueberry, half are royal chocolate. If I understand correctly, what makes the chocolate ones "royal" is the citrus note contributed by the lemon zest.

I was shocked to find that I preferred the blueberry variety to the chocolate chip, even though I fucked up and added less butter than I was supposed to to the blueberry batch. We'll see what the lab thinks: hopefully I'll have wireless at my hotel in austin so I can add lab testimonials to this post!

I have both a job interview and a talk on this trip, so I would appreciate any positive vibes the readership could send me at 2P on thursday and 830A on friday.

Oh, and I feel compelled to mention that the LAST of the huge pot of chili I made on saturday is GONE as I write this post. I actually only made a half batch last weekend, as I foolishly thought that 2.5 lbs of beef brisket chili was surely enough for me for 1 week. Now I know better. I think I might actually even make the chili again next weekend!

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