Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halftime Brownies

What to do during halftime on sunday, when you've already made chili the day before? Make brownies, of course:

I used an old recipe here, so these aren't new but they are still your usual mixture of eggs, sugar, butter, and cocoa, so they still smell good in the oven and still probably taste good enough to get snarfed up by the lab before we head out to texas on wednesday. I made a double batch because the single batch calls for an 8 in pan, which I don't have, which I think has resulted in this recipe never really reaching its full potential before today, when I doubled the recipe and used my awesome CIA pan, which I am in love with. I read today that some, like, anthropologist materials scientists figured out that damascus steel had all the awesome properties it had because somehow 14th century blacksmiths knew how to make carbon nanotubes in their 14th century forges. The point of me relating this bit of trivia to you is so that you will understand my reference when I say that I am convinced these CIA pans have nanotubes of AWESOME suspended in them somehow.

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