Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Menstrual" Mushroom-Bacon Quiche

I was too tired to make quiche last night after a week of getting up at 8AM and balancing dog maintenance with the overwhelming excitement about my new experiment that has compelled me to spend many more hours in the lab than Mr. Monk would like. This morning though, after sleeping in to the decadent hour of 10AM, I popped in Space Mutiny -- what I always watch when I cook on Saturday if I'm up too early for college football,-- promised myself that I would not give Mr. Monk any bacon no matter how adorably he begged, and I was ready to make "Menstrual" Mushroom-Bacon Quiche:

Now, I am in heaven, and regretting the law of the universe that really makes it impossible to eat more than two modest sized pieces of quiche, no matter how many nutrients have recently sloughed themselves out of my body. One of the elements that made this particular quiche "Menstrual" is that I put in about 8 times as much salt as the recipe called for (called for a pinch and I put in about a teaspoon), which seemed like a good idea at the time but also seems to have caused the eggs to cook up a little watery. I won't oct-tuple the amount of salt I put into a quiche again in the future, but even with the light egg texture, this quiche is still on the perfect side of awesome; I think my over salting error is mostly compensated for by the fact that I used quite a lot of puff pastry and about twice as much cheese, bacon, and mushroom (I did use shiitakes) as the recipe called for, so there are lots of other elements in the quiche to help it keep its shape.

I baked the quiche in one of my birthday platinum / teflon 9 in pans, and you can actually see in the photo that the puff pastry has pulled itself away from the pan without me having to cut around the edges. I AM in love with these CIA pans. Thanks mom!

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