Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spicy Asian Soup that turned out not too spicy

After three weeks off for a trip home, a birthday, and a rigorous first weekend with Mr. Monk, I finally had time this week to make a new spicy asian soup. Today's attempt was a Thai Chicken soup, apropos of my promise to myself for my next soup to have coconut milk, ginger, and fish sauce.

This particular spicy asian soup, despite including the trifecta of thai soup ingredients, is my least favorite to date. Some degree of the fault is mine, as I forgot to buy low sodium chicken broth at the store and ended up having to use chicken bullion instead. I thought that after the addition of all the spicy ingredients the bullion taste would be washed away, but it really, really wasn't. I also added an entire can of coconut milk instead of only 1 cup, which had the effect of making the soup heavier and less flavorful than was probably intended by the recipe. Finally, I decided to use only 1 jalepeno pepper in order to avoid sweating to death while eating my soup, but since both the coconut milk and the bullion had undesirable effects in the direction of making the flavor too bland, I might have been better off using 2 peppers.

On the bright side, I got the chance to try out the pink ceramic santoku knife I got for my birthday. It was actually incredible: I usually HATE cutting chicken because even with Blue Ginger the characteristic raw chicken rubberiness prevents efficient, fast cuts, but not with this new pink baby!

Loyal reader AS suggested that I start including testimonials with my posts, and I plan to do so in the future, but since no one else ate this soup (and, having tasted it myself, no one ever will if I have any say in it), instead I will invite the readership to suggest names for my pink ceramic santoku knife. Pink Ginger, perhaps?


Jaime said...

I suggest The Pink Cobra.

laz said...

... because it has a sharp, deadly point and strikes rapidly with lethal precision?