Saturday, September 27, 2008

Texas Style All Beef Chili

After eating thai chicken soup 9 days in a row, I was ready for a brief diversion from spicy asian soups this week. Also, Mr. Monk had to go to the vet this morning, and I thought it would be a treat for him if I spent all day in the kitchen (which is the site of his involuntary confinement) handling meats. Thus, today I prepared a Texas style all beef chili:

Now, this chili smelled so good after the first hour of its 3 hours baking, that I literally could not wait to eat it, which is why you have a photo from the still baking portion instead of the 3 ladle-loads I scarfed down out of one of my preparation bowls. Perhaps you would understand this hastiness better were I to tell you that, in addition to the beef, this chili also includes as ingredients bacon and beer. The epicurious reviews claim that it will be substantially better tomorrow, after the flavors have had a chance to mingle overnight, but I find it difficult to believe that any amount of time or effort could result in a chili that tastes better than this. So I guess I'm going to be in for a treat tomorrow.

I used three different knifes preparing this chili: my pink ceramic santoku meat knife (still soliciting additional recommendations about a name for said knife) for the meats, my cleaver Blue Ginger for the squash (yes, this chili has squash), and my paring knife for dicing the garlic and cilantro stems. I think that feeling the need to use three different knives to prepare a soup moves me up one level in Cooking 3l33tness.

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