Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This morning's innovation

Rooibos with brown sugar!

Although my camera is "working" now-- the digital viewfinder doesn't work but I can use the prehistoric "eye in the hole" one-- but that doesn't stop me from being lazy, so we get this photo booth image of me drinking my rooibos with brown sugar. Note the Jane-u-factured mug! A beautiful, handmade 26th birthday gift from the indomitable J(E)K!

Putting brown sugar in my rooibos was a good idea. A very good idea. My principle complaint with black rooibos was that it had a weird horsey smell and aftertaste, but with the brown sugar both are eliminated without the tea becoming too sweet. This may become a regular morning drink (until my harrod's rooibos runs out, which will be a disaster.)


Iroquois Pliskin said...

My comment is threefold:

1) For some reason I find this picture hilarious, I think because it reminds me of myself in the morning.

2) This is unrelated, but I frenched a rack of lamb last week and it was hilarious. we were well into the lamb-preparing process and then we realized that the rack was unfrenched, so I looked it up on the internet and then went to town with a 10-inch chef's nice. the results were unlovely but tasty.

3) How do you come down on Lapsang Souchong? Think before you respond.

laz said...

1) I am, as always, glad to provide you with entertainment, although when last I saw you you didn't have enough hair to produce quite the halo of fly aways and stray strands that I have here.

2) Isn't it great when you get to really slice into some raw baby animal meat?? That might have been my favorite part of the lamb preparation process (after eating the lamb, of course)

3) I've never had Lapsang Souchong! Does Tealuxe carry it? If they do, I can order it online through Tealuxe's AWESOME order-however-much-you-want-of-any-kind-just-like-in-the-store service, which I actually have a coupon for from when I ordered my decaf green tea / white tea sampler.

On my own unrelated note, last night I dreamt that for some masochistic reason I was going to become manager of the #861 concurrently with obtaining my PhD. Hijinks ensued.

Iroquois Pliskin said...

laz-- Lapsong Souchong is in my opinion the nastiest form of tea ever devised this side of Celestial Seasonings' rat-bone and-nettle soother.

I was a little stressed out about frenching the lamb without any advance preparation (it was kind of spur of the moment) because I was afraid of totally ruining the meats. But it turned out super tasty.