Saturday, October 11, 2008

All meat chili deux (of trois)

I decided that I did like the texas style all meat chili I made the week before I went to texas enough to make it again this weekend, a full batch this time:

The chili is in its pre-4-hours-of-baking phase here, and also has not had the squash added to it yet. I decided that by the time the 4 hours of baking had concluded, I would be too crazed with desire (for chili) to write a coherent blog post (since last time I couldn't even wait until the baking was over to eat the chili, let alone write about it.)

I cubed an entire 5 lb rump roast with cobra (I'm going to go with cobra, but without the "pink" for a name at least ftm)! It was awesome! I've never really dealt with that quantity of meat before. Next step will have to be getting a quarter or side from the UIUC school of agriculture "meat sales room." They offer premium meats at student prices! I am on their mailing list, and receive special email updates about what meat is fresh in urbana twice weekly!

I may make this yet again in 2 weeks when my mom comes to visit. I guess that will be up to her.

Also, Mr. Monk wants everyone to know that he is helping me to write this post by laying on the couch next to my desk and panting.

Updated, 830P: After 3.25 hours in the oven, I sneaked a few pieces of meat out of the chili and I have this to say: I had better be careful not to get used to not having to chew my meat.

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