Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I made my mom a lasagna for her last night in town:

Notice that the photo of the lasagna is both in focus and adequately framed. This is because my mom is awesome, and got me a new camera!!! SWEET! AND an 8GB memory card to go with it. I've only taken about 4500 digital photos in my life (according to iPhoto), and the 8GB card will hold 2000 at full resolution, so I am in fine shape.

Making this lasagna was really fun. My mom sat in the living room and watched law and order and heckled me while I cooked it, and Mr. Monk went back and forth from playing with my mom and helping me cook.

The preparation of this lasagna has two notable components. First, the noodles are no-cook. I was HIGHLY skeptical about how good no cook noodles could possibly taste, but I actually ended up liking the texture and flavor quite a lot, and the preparation time and difficulty was considerably reduced by going no cook. The no cook noodles turned out less mushy than normal noodles, and had a nice starchy salty flavor instead of basically having no flavor.

The second notable component is in the preparation of the sausage melange. In lasagnas I have made in the past, the meat is sauteed with the onion or tomatoes and then layered into the lasagna. In this lasagna, after sauteeing the sausage, onion, mushroom, and garlic together, the sausage mixture was simmered in marsala until the marsala was fully reduced. The result was a sweet, complex flavor in the lasagna that elevated it above lasagnas I've prepared in the past.

Testimonial from my mom: It was quite tasty. I liked the mushrooms, to tell you the truth.

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Ryan said...

Laz...I love your food blog. I want to try out some of your recipes :) Can you post more of them? We can then see if they cook up as nicely in Mexico :P