Saturday, November 15, 2008

Make sure you make the lardons nice and big and juicy

My sister's favorite dish is Pasta Carbonara with Lardons, and a quick dish with bacon in it met all my culinary needs for the day, so tonight I attempted my second ever carbonara sauce with a nice farfalle pasta (farfalle was 4 lbs / 5$ at the schnucks today!):

The first carbonara I ever made was for CG's going away dinner, and although I liked it alot it would not have passed my sister's muster because it was the hated British style (i.e., the sauce was prepared with cream) instead of the more traditional Italian style with egg-only sauce.

This one is more traditional, and it is like, kind of ok. I think I have too many peas, not enough egg, and definitely not enough lardons. Ideally, I would like to become some sort of carbonara making whiz so if my sister ever comes back to America (and who could blame her if she didn't?) I can make it for her, and what I have learned from this preparation is to not skimp on the egg or lardons.

Update: I ate some of the leftovers cold this morning and now I'm thinking that when I try this again, I'm going to do half peas half scallions, and make sure to get just a little garlic in the egg sauce.


Laura said...

That looks SO GOOD! Will you make this for me some time, if there's ever a chance? This is one of my favorite foods too!

laz said...

Of Course! Maybe sometime you and my sister and I will all have a big carbonara eating party! That would be awesome!