Sunday, November 9, 2008

You cook stew for four hours, and what do you get?

A house that smells awesome and a beef stew that tastes even better than your house smells:

Usually I like to do the blog post while I'm eating the dish, but this was one of those notable occasions where I couldn't make it! One bowl of beef stew, down!

The broth for this stew is primarily made out of red wine, which gives it a pretty interesting flavor. I chose to use yams instead of squash, since I'm fed up with chopping squashes already (it's only the first week of november!) after my bouts with butternut for the texas style beef brisket chili. I think the yams taste perfectly fine. I also thought it would be keen to add a couple of sprigs of rosemary in at the end, and as is happening more and more these days I think I was right to do so: the rosemary boldened up the flavor a little bit so the wine taste wasn't the strongest one.

The meat in here is amazing. I guess that's what happens when you cover some cubed chuck with flour and brown it in butter and then slow cook it for 3 hours. I will be giving this recipe 3 forks (out of 4, on epicurious,) though, because I still have to go with the texas style all meet chili as my current favorite soup-form meat preparation, but then again, this stew didn't have any bacon in it so it was really at a disadvantage from the get go.

Time to watch football in my meat-smelling house, with my flea-medicine smelling dog (who paradoxically seems to prefer the pork-fried rice flavor laz from yesterday to the beef stew flavor laz from today.)

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