Wednesday, December 17, 2008

100 mile lasagna

Today I finished my Nikeplus challenge to run 100 miles by new years. It started on 1 November, which means I ran 100 miles in 47 days! Awesome! To commemorate this excellent mileage, and because I like lasagna, I made a lasagna:

Wooo thatsa good lasagna! I actually had already made this one when my mom was in town, so I knew I would like it, that it would be easy, and that it would leave lots of leftovers to supplement my dwindling supply of little-old-lady style frozen cube meals. I also celebrated with a slice of cake from the grocery store. How embarrassing. Shhh, internets, don't tell!

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm actually on vacation. I won't get to cook ANYTHING next week because my mom refuses to let me in the kitchen when I'm home, but I will get at least 1 good meal at the best restaurant in Billings (probably the best restaurant in Montana, I would guess), Walker's Grille. I will order tapas, a bloody mary, and new york steak elaine with garlic mushrooms and blue cheese!

To make up for the dearth of vacation cooking next week, I've hit it hard this week, with the mac n cheese and thai beef soup I made this weekend, this lasagna, and plans to have EW over for chicken enchiladas tomorrow. I may also make some sort of baked good to share with EW as he drives me to Midway on Monday (pending a lack of ice storms.) Hopefully I'll also be able to start off the new year with a great big explosion of cooking, so I can match AS in her ascent to spherical form.

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