Thursday, December 18, 2008

EW and I enjoy enchiladas for 16

EW and I rarely get a chance to socialize these days, since we are far too busy being bitter, old, crusty grad students ensconced in the lab developing innovative new techniques for measuring language processing in the brain in vivo. Since I'm about to travel to a much less gay friendly environment, I thought I had better get my kicks in this week, so I invited EW over for chicken mole enchiladas:

I also made a hot rice, which reminded me of my days cooking with AEL on 3W (holla!) EW brought sam adams winter lager, which he knows is my favorite of the sam adams seasonal brews! Mr. Monk was confined in the kitchen for the event. In another throwback to 3W, I made 16 enchiladas for 2 people, and didn't share them with anyone but EW! Bite me, everyone else! [Actually, EW took some home to NWY, so NWY doesn't have to bite me.]

I've been looking for a good enchilada recipe for a looonnnggg time and I think this might be it. There is cheesiness. There is tabasco chicken. There is green olives. The sauce is really good, flavorful but not too spicy. It has chocolate in it (just half an ounce), which gives it a nice earthy flavor that is different enough to be interesting, especially with the salty green olives in there. The recipe called for a whole chicken, but I was all "fuck that shit, I'ma use ground chicken," so I proceded to cook 2 lbs of ground chicken with some garlic and tabasco sauce, which was a GOOD IDEA. In my preparation notes, instead of detailed steps for preparing the chicken, it says "Somehow make some magic with ground chicken." I think I succeeded, because I was eating tabasco ground chicken and green olives the whole time I was making the mole. I ate so much tabasco ground chicken that I only was able to eat 1 enchilada come service.

EW and I had a good time, eating our enchiladas and talking about how people are fucking crazy (and also stupid, for the most part.) We discussed the possibility of me shaving my head after my dissertation defense! I really want to do it! Testimonial from EW: [As I am scooping up enchiladas for him to take home to NWY, and miss an olive] "Can you put that olive in there? I really like those olives."

Soon an ice storm will start, and then I will take Mr. Monk to the kennel and go to Montana. But the sky is always darkest before the dawn.

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