Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Gift Basket Round Up II

Even though today was christmas eve AND my mom and I were snowed in at our house by big drifts in the driveway, we still managed to get christmas baked goods by mail! Today's bounty was limited, but that's ok because I still have stomach cramps from eating the Hawaiian Pineapple Pound Cake from one of the baskets yesterday.

Dobosh Torte My crazy aunt sent us a cake as her singular present for the whole family. It was a 10.99$ Dobosh Torte from Not only would it not even serve everyone in the family-- it serves two, and there are three of us here-- it was also the cheapest cake on the entire website. There are like 200 cakes on there! And it does not even include enough servings for all of us! So it is clear that her method of gift selection was a little Sort By Price Ascending, resulting in us receiving a nasty mint buttercream torte for 2! My aunt, BTW, lives in an $800,000 house in Atlanta.

I fucking HATE mint confections, so it is unlikely that I will partake in this treat. Which is good, since there is only enough for 2 anyway! I expect the pickin's to get substantially less slim tomorrow, when my mom's side of the family rolls into town. It is likely that chili and fudge will be presented for our enjoyment, and it is likely that the meat in said chili was butchered with my uncle's own hands. BADASS.

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