Friday, December 19, 2008

I bring my own syrup

On my third day of eating alot, myself gave to me, 1/4 pieces of lasagna, 2 chicken mole enchiladas, and 4 chocolate chip pancakes with fruit melange in a pear tree:

When I was at the gym today watching The Departed ("Firemen gettin' pussy for the first time in the history of fire--or pussy. Hey, go save a kitten from a tree, you fucking homos!" Ahhh, I love that movie), I thought to myself "you know what would hit the spot after these 5.5 miles? Some motherfuckin PANCAKES, motherfucker (I probably used all those motherfuckers because I was watching The Departed.) I did have bacon, but I decided I wanted chocolate chip flavored instead. I was sorely tempted to go with bananna, but then I realized I could slice up some banannas and eat them with the chocolate chip pancakes, and everything fell into place.

I've been having a string of really good days filled with lots of working out, naps with Mr. Monk, negligible work to do, and awesome food that I cooked. AND then the RIAA said they were going to stop suing file sharers. That should help me save even more money in the new year! It doesn't get any better than this!

FYI I have TNG season 5 ep 1 up on the other half of my giganzor 24in imac monitor right now whut technology! Captain's log: go save a kitten from a tree, you fucking homos!

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