Sunday, December 14, 2008

ZOMG I know I'll have it with a sweet sake!!

[Then I was sad when I realized my sake was gone. :(]

Although my bacon-i-fied mac n cheese is amazing, and I still have some leftovers, I wanted to catch the flank steak I bought for my thai style beef curry soup at the peak of freshness:

*Pause while I go get bowl #2*

It's really good. Like, really good. Usually I prefer chicken as a protein in my thai flavors, but the fish sauce, honey, soy sauce marinade for this beef is just way too good. Way too good! I left the meat medium rare, so it still tasted really meaty in the center with that marinade flavor on the outside. So good! The broth is amazing too: scallions, beef stock, ginger, curry, lime juice, and fish sauce. Very flavorful and spicy, and interesting with the lime juice / fish sauce combination. This broth is officially better than the broth in the pho I had recently at champaign's "vietnamese" restaurant. Oh, to live in a city where there are substantial numbers of sources of asian cooking superior to my own.

The recipe called for asian egg noodles, and because the schnuck's didn't have them (all together now: I can't wait until I live in a city with a whole foods and a trader joes!) I went with rice instead. I think that was a mistake. When I make this again, I think I'll either make sure to get the egg noodles, or use a pad thai noodle. The recipe also called for green curry, but I went with red because that's what I had and also I think I'm developing a "more flavor is better" approach to preparing spicy asian soups. My nose is running now from the spice, but I'm glad I made it spicy. I really need to increase my spice tolerance anyway, so I can eat at PK's house one day. ;)

If you can swing running 5 miles before eating this soup I recommend it, as it takes the experience from "yum, spicy, meaty" to "OMFG!"

The recipe, from Gourmet by way of Epicurious.

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