Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, Spheres of Holiday Eating!

Happy New Year! I hope that all my readers are that much closer to the spherical sublimation, having consumed obscene quantities of various familial, traditional cuisine while on holiday. For my part, I was snowed in with my parents for five of the seven days I was home, so my mom didn't get to take me on the annual trip to the grocery store to buy foods that people under the age of 50 eat, so I actually lost weight over christmas for the first time in history. Don't worry, as soon as I got back, I prepared myself a half-bacon cobb salad for nye:

Does it still count as a salad with that much bacon? I got some chicken in there, lots of bacon, some soft boiled egg, some shredded cheddar, some tomatoes-- all in all it was delicious (if not necessarily a test of my present cook's prowess), so much so that I think I might make cobb salad and chocolate chip cookies my traditional nye fare. How else can you get blue cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, and meat all together in one bowl?

Here's to cooking, eating, and of course blogging about lots of new, delicious food in 2009!

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