Wednesday, February 11, 2009

D Day Cigars, Sushi, and Sake

The Laz Gastronomique is now officially The Dr. Laz Gastronomique. In keeping with the apparently quite strong connections between my neural pleasure centers and my stomach, I did a significant amount of eating to celebrate the day-- all after the defense was over, as I was much too nervous to eat beforehand.

We had a "cigar course" after the defense but before dinner. A mild, sweet indonesian label that despite being "mild" made me light headed before I got halfway through. I do love a celebratory cigar! All life events should be celebrated with the smoking of a cigar, I think. That way you don't have to go through life being sorry that you never smoked a cigar, and you have to take the time out to smoke the cigar and savor the moment, but you don't end up with lung cancer and smelling like a cigar all the time. I snipped the cigar tips with a little snipping device from Leavitt and Pierce on Mass Ave, which I acquired prior to my MIT graduation cigar smoking. I lit the cigars with my bahamas lighter. All kinds of memories, all mingled together within the experience of smoking the celebtratory dissertation defense cigar!

At the sushi restaurant, EW bought me a bottle of Ozeki hana-akawa, which I drank almost all of. I selected it because it was billed as a sparkling, sweet sake, which are the descriptors most likely to result in me enjoying a sake. It was great! Like alcoholic 7up. I think this particular sake is now up there with White Dragon for being my favorite! It was sweetened with the delight of the evening! I did not, of course, terminate my drinking with the sake (I actually didn't even start with the sake... I drank almost a full glass of the bombay sapphire KDF got me as a gift before I even left the room where the defense was held). I followed it up with kofusion's sake mojito, which I thought was very strange the first time I tried it years ago but has grown on me every time I've had it since, and I now especially enjoy since I've come to enjoy sake on its own.

I had been daydreaming about my post-dissertation defense sushi for weeks, and I hadn't really eaten all day, so I ordered a ridiculous quantity of sushi. I got the infamous fusion maki, which is a spicy tuna, crab, and avocado roll that gets deep fried en masse! Delicious! I also got a creamy fried shrimp roll, and a rainbow roll (the only non-fried portion of the meal), which consists of tuna, salmon, and red snapper arranged in an aesthetically pleasing, nay, rainbow-esque, fashion over a california roll. Oh, it was so good! And even though I ate alot and drank alot, I didn't experience gastrointestinal distress!

So the gastronimic portion of the day, in addition to all other portions of the day, was a terrific success! What a great day! It doesn't get any better than this!

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