Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hoisin ginger is the flavor of Love

For Valentine's Day, I gave my Valentine (Mr. Monk) a haircut, scarfed down 2 mostly-icing cupcakes in my car after going to the gym, and made a Hoisin Ginger marinade for some beef strips:

The marinade was super easy to make: I just mixed about 2 Tblspns hoisin, 2 Tblspns soy sauce, a finely chopped scallion, and about a Tblspn diced ginger all together, then covered the beef strips and left them marinating while I took a shower.

If I'm going for "easy," then this is definitely a winner, however if I'm going for "perfect" I think next time I might try a little less ginger, a little more scallion, and some garlic. I might also try a tiny tiny amount of lime juice (for acid!) I think this would also be a big winner as a menstrual dish: It is sweet, salty, and red meaty all at the same time!

I am leaning towards making a caramel sauce for my blue cheese cheesecake (instead of the jalapeno puree.)


Laura said...

I thought I was your valentine!!! ;)

laz said...

hehe you are my valentine but I can't give you a haircut, for various reasons (i.e., proximity, and also your hair is already promised to others ;))

Josh said...

Hey, this is Josh (as in Josh from Third West) -- I found your blog the other day and tonight I made this for dinner. It was tasty!

laz said...

yay I am glad I brought hoisin ginger into someone's life! It is the flavor of loooovveeeeeee!

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