Friday, February 13, 2009

The Replacement Brunch

I'm hosting a prospective graduate student when she comes to visit champaign next weekend. The capstone activity of our recruitment is going to be a brunch at my house on saturday, which I am designating "The replacement brunch" since this student might well be my replacement. This is sad to think about, so I am following the tried and true Team Barracuda Tautology: If SAD, then EAT.

I am thinking that I will do a relatively cautious menu, so I don't screw anything up and also because I don't know anything about the palette of the student. Last year's prospective student had never eaten thai food before he came to champaign (I know, it's so sad for him that that was his first exposure.) I am also going to set it up so that there is no meat in any of the main dishes, but lots of loose meat to be added into everything at will. Here is the menu I am thinking of so far:

Gorgonzola cheesecake with jalapeno puree
This isn't very cautious, but I MUST MAKE blue cheese cheescake as close to immediately as possible. I might also do this without jalapeno puree and with caramel sauce instead. I will have to think more about it before I decide for sure. Can be made the night before.

Fruit Plate
Can be made the night before. The sweetest dish.

Bacon and Sausage
As I said, loose meat. I will count on Meat Man NWY to help with these at the zero hour. Normally I would also make veggie sausage, but because I am making so many meatless dishes and because veggie sausage is ridiculously expensive, I will skip it this time.

Scrambled Eggs with Poblano Chiles and Feta
A four star egg dish from epicurious. Gotta get some feta in there somewhere!

The most cautious of cautious brunch foods. Most of the prep for any fried potato brunch item can (nay, must) be done the night before. You've got some starch, and you soak it in butter and serve it with ketchup. Success 100% of the time, and does not add to the AM prep.

I am psyched for lab brunch! I've actually wanted to have a lab brunch during recruitment weekend for years, but during the official preview weekend there are planned activities in the mornings. This particular student is coming not on official preview weekend though, providing me the opportunity to get into the kitchen and fry up some lab bacon (while bald) Yay!

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