Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks, Martha!

Martha Stuart may be guilty of various white collar crimes, but the bitch can make a chocolate cupcake. Maybe I should follow recent trends and substitute "president" for "bitch," which is a derogatory term. Martha Stuart may be guilty of various white collar crimes, but the president can make a chocolate cupcake!

I had wanted to make chocolate cupcakes for lab brunch, but I was way too exhausted after the 4 hours of cooking I did on friday night to make it happen, mostly because I had to get up at 7 to take the student I was hosting in to campus for her meetings, not because cooking for 4 hours exhausts me. Quite the opposite, I would have gone to bed 2 hours earlier if I hadn't been cooking. What can I say tasting at every stage of the process of making blue cheese filling and watching TNG energizes me in a significant way.

Let me break it down for you: the cupcakes themselves are perfect (probably because I substituted butter for the pussy-ass "safflower oil" called for by martha stuart living), and take me right back to being 8 years old and stuffing my already (adorably) round face with cupcakes my mommy made. The frosting, on the other hand, is a loser. What I learned when I was mixing it up was that in order for it to taste good, it has to look really grainy, but in order for it to take on that glossy, shiny, smooth, martha stuart perfect looking sheen, I had to add sour cream, which makes it taste much less good.

I don't know what possessed me to make chocolate frosting anyway, since I universally prefer vanilla frosting on chocolate cake type items of any kind. I guess I thought maybe that was just because I'd never had martha stuart chocolate frosting before. Next time, buttercream.

My dinner tonight was chocolate cupcakes and neapolitan dynamite and when I caught a glance of my reflection in my monitor just now, I legitimately had a smudge of chocolate frosting on my rosy, round cheek. My 8 year old self is smiling.


laz said...

I love looking at these cupcakes almost as much as I love eating them.

CMH just came to the lab and when I offered him a cupcake, he said "can I take 2?" Of course he can! And he did!

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