Monday, March 2, 2009

Bottom Line: The Chocolate ones were better

My second cupcake preparation from the Martha Stewart Living I bought was yellowcake with buttercream, and a personal touch added by decorating them with Haribo rasbperries:

The raspberries were much more decorative than edible, which is not really my style, but I picked them out at the grocery store having never tried them and thinking they looked good. They DO look good, but they are not as tasty as (say) M&M's or gummy bears would have been.

I also managed to mess up the actual cooking in 2 important ways. First, I halved the recipe, and I definitely didn't get the egg yolk / dry ingredient ratio right. A proper yellowcake should be YELLOW from all the EGG YOLKS, not cheesecake colored like these were. Three eggs + two egg yolks next weekend, for sure. I also managed to mix the sugar in with the dry ingredients before creaming it with the butter. Oh Laz, what hysterical buffoon-like antics you cooked up in the kitchen this weekend. It was, as Anthony Bourdain would say, a "Fred Flinstone" display of pre-historically crude technique.

The result was a cupcake with a dull color that was not nearly moist enough, with untasty decorations! Moistness! It is critical to succulence!

However, despite these foibles, these definitely are going to get eaten faster than the chocolate cupcakes did last week: there were only two left when I went home tonight meaning they will get finished tomorrow, while last week the chocolate cupcakes didn't get finished until wednesday. The tastes of the people, they are hard to predict.

I think I will try these again next weekend because I really really do want to be able to make a credible yellow cupcake! I will cream my butter and sugar properly, add in an extra egg yolk, decorate with m&m's or fresh fruit, and possibly try to make vanilla cream instead of butter cream. Although, the butter cream actually turned out pretty well--nice and smooth and cream cheese free, which is all that can be asked of a buttercream, I think--I might save the vanilla cream to top my next chocolate batch.

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