Sunday, May 17, 2009

La France: Spaghetti Club Burger

The first day I was in France, my goal was to stay awake until 6PM to fight the jet lag. So once sister and I got my suitcase lugged all the way up her "stairs of death," we had to immediately vacate all areas with beds, couches, chairs with cushions, and all other sleep onable items. I wanted to eat something fast, cheap, and good, and I had been having a craving for chicken parmesean, so we went looking for a nice poullet panini.

We ended up at Spaghetti Club Burger, which in addition to having a hilarious name and also a 17 year old kid who my sister was quite enamored of workin' the grille (or maybe she was just enamored by being older than the person workin' the grille?) had a perfect fried chicken and emmental panini, with that sweet european ketchup that we all know we have to add salt to.

After my panini was long gone, I was still hungry and it wasn't 6PM yet, so sister and I shared some frites. Ah, to sit in a street in france sharing frites with sister for ever would be my idea of heaven. Especially if I know that when I get done I'm going to have hazelnut and chocolate gelato. Which, I did.

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