Sunday, May 31, 2009


I think the weekend after I get back from boston, in addition to shaving both mr. monk and myself (I have a month of hair right now because I wanted to grow my hair out a little before I meet the faculty member in charge of my training grant. I meet her tomorrow, but I am hating having this much hair-- I have to use SHAMPOO!), I am going to try to make salsa. Salsa should be relatively inexpensive and is also full of health benefits, so it is unaffected by my spending / eating embargo. There are alot of varieties of salsa to try! Personally, I am a fan of both a good, sweet pineapple / peach salsa, and also a chunky, pico de gallo style salsa. I do not like hot salsa, because I am a spice baby and only want my body temperature to go up 10 degrees when I eat spicy asian soups. But maybe a hot / sweet salsa would be ok. This bears investigation!

This is a path that could easily lead to me making guacamole, which is neither healthful nor inexpensive (avocados! I guess still less expensive than rack of lamb though), but oh man do I love guacamole. As does EW, laz-guacamole spokes model:

There was not enough guacamole in that bowl. There is never enough guacamole!

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