Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok, Mercurio's has about a million flavors of gelato, and most of them look amazing. I need to keep track of which ones I've tried!

Chocolate Cookies 'N Cream
  • I love cookies and cream ice cream, and I thought I was going to love this one extra mucho much because the cookies were mixed in chocolate gelato, but for some reason cookies 'n cream as a gelato didn't do it for me. Not creamy enough? I need to firmly remind myself of this disappointment to prevent future disappointments when I go in, see chocolate cookies 'n cream, and think "I love cookies 'n cream! And this one is in CHOCOLATE!"
  • I expected this one to be cake batter flavored, but it ended up flavored like, you know, that confetti cherry duncan hines cake mix. And I LOVED it. I ordered it two trips in a row! The creamy cherry taste and the sprinkles (and probably the resemblance in flavor to a duncan hines product) brings back something excited and young. I forsee myself ordering confetti + another flavor in future visits for a while.

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