Monday, June 29, 2009

Salsa #3: The salsa that was actually guacamole

My third salsa was an avocado corn salsa that really was much more of a guacamole:

The reason this "salsa" turned out so guacamole-y is that I used 2 avocados instead of one, the ear of corn I bought had way less corn on it than I thought it was going to, and the recipe said the salsa should be "well seasoned" so I basted that bad boy with kosher salt and orange juice, which pretty much mush-ified the avocados. You'd think with all that salt, oj, and the extra avocados I'd be a huge fan, but I'm down on this one. I think it's my least favorite one that I've made, entirely through my own faults of adding too much salt and orange juice.

So far, the rankings go:

1) Pineapple
2) Mango
3) Corn

I don't usually do "in progress" shots on this blog, mostly because I don't want to touch my camera with my food covered hands, but this salsa looked really pretty in progress (and turned out really ugly in the end), so I broke the convention:

I think it would have ended up tasting better if I had just stirred all this stuff together and forgotten about the extra oj and salt!

I don't know where I'm going next on the salsa front. I've made it through all the avocado salsas I had in my queue on epicurious. Now all I have left in there is a tropical fruit salsa and a straight up tomato salsa. I might skip the tropical fruit salsa because my primary objective in making salsa is to end up with something I can dig in with tortilla chips, bulldozer style. The epicurious tomato salsa just doesn't look that good though. I might have to hit up allrecipes, or martha stewart, or foodnetwork or somewhere else (suggestions, readership?) to find some better candidates.

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