Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sushi Too

Last night the weather was beautiful in Pittsburgh, and I was all "hey it's friday night and there's a sushi bar really close to my house that I haven't tried yet" so I went out to sushi at Sushi Too. I took my kindle and ordered up a kirin ichiban, an avocado roll, a spicy tuna, and something called "Oh My God A," which consisted of a tempura shrimp roll wrapped in avocado and caviar. It was good, but probably not "Oh My God." The avocado roll was only 3 dollars, so I think next time I go I'll get two of those.

I sat at the bar since I was alone, and the sushi bar guys were nice. They talked to me about my kindle, and made my sushi really fast. This place delivers too! So I can order like 5 avocado rolls for $15 and get it delivered to my house on nights when I'm too tired to cook! Try that, Champaign!

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