Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july eating

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I wish you could all be here eating with me!

The first fourth of july food I ate was a chicken and apple sausage on a whole wheat roll with cheddar cheese and minced onion:

I actually was not such a fan of the chicken and apple sausage. It wasn't fatty enough! It was hardly greasy at all! I guess that's what I get for eating a 160 calorie sausage. And also I didn't have any ketchup so I put marinara sauce on instead, not a good idea. I was, overall, underwhelmed by my bratwurst! I wish I could have had friend-bbq'd meats instead!

Fortunately, my 3rd annual fourth of july apple pie more than made up for it.
My fourth of july american flag toothpicks got lost in the move, so I had to improvise::

I think this was the best one yet! I remembered to double the caramel this year, and my pie crust making skills and knife skills have both gone way up since last year, resulting in a much softer, more caramel drenched pie crust with nice small completely saturated with caramel apple bits! I think I peeled and diced the apples in record time this year! Probably in part because I used a freshly sharpened paring knife to peel the apples, instead of an apple peeler. I don't even like apple pie, but this one was so caramely and soft and warm that I went back for seconds! I really don't think I would change anything about this apple pie. Self, when you come back to review your apple pie making notes next year, here's what you need to know:

Don't forget to double the caramel
Peel and slice the apples BEFORE you start making the caramel
Flour up both sides of your pie crust before you start to roll it out

You'll be in great shape!

Update: I've spent some time trying to think about why my pie crust is so much better this year, and I think it's largely because I cut the apples so much smaller that they didn't take as long to bake, meaning that the crust didn't have to be in the oven as long. Small apples!

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Laura said...

Hahaha, I LOVE the flag! Awesome!!!