Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pork Medallions with Chili Maple Glaze

This week's contribution to my gut from the epicurious low cal collection is pork medallions in a chili maple glaze:

I think I'm on to a pattern of these low cal dishes: take a lean cut of pork loin, sear it, and then pair it with a sweet or fruity sauce. Nonetheless, this one is definitely my favorite so far. I confess to adding some extra maple syrup to the brown rice I ate it with to make the brown rice tolerable. From last week, I learned that I need to cook pork loin a littttllleleeeee longer than my used to cooking diced chicken instincts would have me believe.

The scallions are really important to the flavor of this dish. They add a crunchy texture as well as some contrast to the maple sauce. The chili in the glaze makes the dish spicy in addition to maple syrup sweet, so it's flavorful without just being HOT!!!! The sweet and spicy flavor with the amazing cut of pork I got at whole foods is what makes this dish my favorite so far!

I saw panko at whole foods while I was scouring the asian cooking section for a good chili garlic sauce for my glaze, which has inspired me to make something (anything!) "panko breaded" next week. I hear that phrase on cooking shows all the time! There are a lot of promising (but NOT low cal) recipes on epicurious-- Fontina Risotto cakes with fresh chives, blue cheese crusted filet with red wine sauce, and eggplant parmesean are all particulalry promising. The eggplant parmesean is probably the healthiest, so it's in the lead!

Looking forward to eating my leftover portion of chili maple glazed pork medallions at lunch tomorrow! Then tomorrow night, I get to try my whole foods fresh pork sausage!

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Laura said...

Mmm, I like sweet and spicy things! This one sounds really good!