Thursday, August 27, 2009

27 Years of Eating

Yes, I have been eating now for 27 years, and I have to say, I've gotten quite good at it. Just like any other skill, practice makes perfect!

To celebrate this milestone I ate some more! Starting for breakfast with a bagel with lox, avocado, and red onion, and some fruit salad:

Whole Foods lox are amazing, no surprise. Nice and firm and flavorful. Notice the floral edge of my china!

For dinner I ordered sushi from my local shadyside sushi bar. Spicy king crab roll with orange roe and 2 avocado rolls, as well as scallion pancakes:

I'd never had king crab sushi: it was AMAZING. Much better than your typical crab stick california roll filling. Especially with the orange roe! And the scallion pancakes were nice and crispy and salty. Plus my friendly neighborhood shadyside sushi bar only charges $3 / avocado roll! I am so serious!

I enjoyed a bottle of moet white star with my sushi (and before my sushi, and after my sushi and with my cake):

Yeah my cake had a lot of sugar in it. In this photo you can also see the valrhona chocolate powder I bought to make the frosting. I was kind of skeptical about the utility of using valrhona chocolate instead of, say, any old can of chocolate powder, but WOW. It made a HUGE difference. Immediately when I started to mix it in to the bowl the frosting took on a velvety texture that I've never seen before in a frosting. My frosting actually turned out kind of lumpy because I didn't mix the confectioner's sugar satisfactorily (as is usual with me, unfortunately), but it still easily made the cake because of the special cocoa.

The cake was good, but it still wasn't eggy enough for me. I've yet to find a yellowcake recipe that has any flavor to it. This one was nice and moist, but it just tastes like flour! Which is really unfortunate because of how much sugar and butter it has in it. I did learn a bunch of neat cake tricks from bakerella in prep though: I dropped the pans on the counter with the batter in them to get the air bubbles out and make the cake flatter. I wrapped the cakes in plastic wrap while they cooled to lock in moisture. And I brushed sugar syrup on the layers before I assembled the cake to increase the moisture further! So the cake was nice and perfectly flat and moist, but flavorless-- which is why it was so good that the chocolate frosting came out so nicely.

Mr. Monk didn't get to try ANY of my birthday foods except for one green grape. What a bummer!

I can't wait until it's time to celebrate 28 years of eating!

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laz said...

oh man I wish I still had some cake left