Saturday, August 1, 2009

When I make mac 'n cheese, it is not vegetarian

My mom and sister came to visit me this weekend, and I didn't want to make them anything weird or risky so I had to put my panko breading exercise off for a week (assuming I'm able to eat again by next week after stuffing my face so much while they were here!) My sister's favorite food is the blue box, so I decided to make them mac 'n cheese. I served it with fried chicken, the way god intended:

This was my first time pan frying chicken for realsies, and it was really fun! I monitored the oil temperature with my candy thermometer, to make sure I didn't have another oil fire incident. It was surprising to me the way the crust on the chicken formed. At first I thought I had screwed the coating up, because the chicken just looked plain and uncrusty, but the golden brown crust formed over the course of 20 minutes or so. The breading was a composition of my own devising, made of flour, ground mustard seed, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, and regular black pepper. I really like the way it looks here in the pan!

The macaroni and cheese recipe I made is my old stand by wisconsin style mac 'n cheese with bacon. I upped the ante to 8 strips of bacon this time around! However, despite my own advice to myself in my previous mac 'n cheese post, I think I under seasoned it. It could have used more salt! It looks pretty on the plate with my fried chicken though:

My mom and sister were very patient for me first waiting through me pan frying the chicken and then waiting for me to take photos of the first plate for my blog before they could eat!

I love a fork with mac n cheese, fried chicken, and ketchup on it! Salt, fatty, salty, sweet, cheesey, amazing!


Laura said...

OMG that looks amazing!!!!! I would eat 100 plates!

ASL? said...

that looks freakin' awesome.