Thursday, October 29, 2009

An incomplete list of foods I ate in Berlin!

I had one sushi meal before The Disease hit me and one after. The one before was much less good (I got it in a fish market,) but I wasn't able to eat all of the one after because the orange roe was too fishy tasting for my Diseased stomach.

Giant German Pastries Covered in Various Fattening Toppings
Fattening toppings such as straight up butter, gouda cheese, and BACON. I ate bacon rolls two days in a row for breakfast. The first day it was so good I said I was going to do it every day for the rest of the trip, but by the second day either the precursors of The Disease, or slightly better judgment had set in and I couldn't keep it up. I stuck to orange juice and an apple (or a dunkin donut) for breakfast for the remainder of the trip.

I am such a jerk, the only place I got currywurst in berlin was in the conference center. Lame! But it was good. But probably not as good as it would have been if I had gotten it essentially anywhere else. But if I had gotten it essentially anywhere else it wouldn't have been free. Oh btw shout out here to Brain Products for sponsoring the free beer at the opening reception where I got said currywurst.

One of those 1.20 E wursts from the walking grill dudes in alexanderplatz
These dudes walk around alexanderplatz with grills strapped to their chests selling bratwurst to tourists for 1.20 E. The bratwurst is like a foot long and comes in a bun that is seriously like 2 inches long. More fun than eating it is watching all the dudes walk around eating these comically large sausages from these comically small buns.

Curry Udon, Duck Udon
For dinner after charlene and eddie had their posters, charlene, eddie, josh and I tried to go to shiro i shiro, the sushi restaurant unanimously acclaimed by every guidebook to be the best in berlin. And it was closed. Not closed like "sorry, it's 9PM, we're closed," closed like "shit, there is no floor in there anymore." We were set on having japanese food, so we went to a nearby noodle house instead. EW and I ordered a curry udon and duck udon, and split them. And I had a kirin and then a hot sake, and EW had the same hot sake and then a kirin. Symmetry! The feng shui in that noodle house must have been very good, because the meal was extremely peaceful. Or maybe that was the hot sake! I preferred the duck udon to the curry-- the broth in the duck was divine and the curry one just tasted like curry, which I like, but which was not actually divine in this preparation.

Black sesame pudding
This was my dessert at the noodle house! It was amazing. Either it had some kind of chocolate glaze on the top, or it was a MIRACLE what they had made that sesame paste taste like. This was probably my favorite sweet that I had in germany, which comes as a huge shock to me now that I realize it.

Wow, I haven't even made it to the tapas EW and I had (best meal of the trip) OR any of the tom khas I ate (including the best one I've ever had in my life), and I'm already too tired of writing and to jealous of this food as I look over my bowl of blue box to continue. I guess that means that there are going to be Incomplete List of Foods I ate in Berlin vols. 2+!

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