Sunday, November 8, 2009

Apple and cheddar turnovers

I haven't cooked really anything since I got back from Germany, because I've been prevented from eating (or even wanting to eat) by Disease. I got my December issue of bon appetit in the mail on thursday though, and I hadn't even made ANY of the recipes I cut out of the November issue (yes, I cut recipes out of my bon appetits like a little old lady. Mr. Monk helps.) That was a situation I brought to swift rectification by making Apple and Cheddar Turnovers with Maple and Dried Cranberries:

The filling is a mixture of golden delicious apples, cheddar cheese, cranberries, walnuts, and maple syrup.

I felt really rusty in the kitchen today since I hadn't cooked in so long, and accordingly I fucked this up in a number of ways, which I will now enumerate for my future reference. First, I didn't pick a sharp enough cheddar for the filling. The recipe told me "extra sharp" but I actually got a pretty mild cheddar, which turned out to be really detrimental to the flavor of the turnovers. The cheddar is pretty flavorless, just gooey, and doesn't really add the savory note that I was hoping for when I cut this recipe out.

Next, I didn't grease or flour my baking parchment. The recipe didn't tell me I needed to, but I knew that I probably needed to anyway and didn't do it because my rustiness had me ignoring my instincts and following the recipe too closely. This same error compounded when instead of setting my baking timer for 5-10 min less than the recipe called for like I usually do-- so I can check and see whether or not whatever I'm cooking actually needs to cook for the whole time given in the recipe-- I just sat around watching football until I actually started to smell the puff pastry burning. So not only did the turnovers on the top rack get a little burnt, because I hadn't greased or floured the parchment, they stuuucccckkkkkkkkkkk. I basically had to slice a tiny slice off the entire bottom of the turnovers to get them off the parchment.

I had some leftover dough and filling after I had made as many circular cutouts as I could, so I made the leftovers into a galette:

The galette turned out much better than the turnovers precisely because I wasn't working from the recipe on it. I DID flour the bottom of it really well before putting it on the parchment, and I put it in the oven about 5 minutes after the turnovers so it didn't burn at all.

I guess that while I am being sad that I messed up my turnovers, I should be happy to know that my baking instincts are getting good enough that if I actually follow them they can lead me to improve on an already very good 4 forks rated bon appetit recipe.

I cut a few recipes out of my december bon appetit, but nothing is really jumping to mind for next weekend. There was an amazing looking recipe for spiced dough sweet rolls, but the recipe claimed it needed a stand mixer. I have an arm, so I should be able to do without a stand mixer, but the issue will need closer investigation before I buy ingredients. Stay Tuned!


Laura said...

Those sound good! I love almost anything that involves apples and/or cheese, so both together sounds great to me! And I like sweet more than savory, so I bet I would have loved these!

laz said...

Here's a link to the recipe, if you want to try them. I think that in reality they would be pretty easy to someone who was actually paying attention to what was going on (as I decidedly was not!)