Sunday, November 1, 2009

An incomplete list of foods I ate in Berlin, vol 2

Man, what else did I eat in Berlin? How did I eat all this stuff and still lose weight? Answer: The Disease.

The best meal I had the entire trip was tapas at a place called Atame. EW and I had, in decreasing order of my favoritism: warm goat cheese with honey, lamb kebabs, fried potatoes with tomato sauce, BACON WRAPPED almond stuffed dates, and calamari (no tentacles.) EW even ate one of the bacon wrapped dates, in honor of KDF. I also had an amazing bloody mary (that was probably amazing because it had no alcohol in it.) Carcass of meal below:

The most disappointing meal I probably had on the trip was moroccan food at a place called Kasbah. The restaurant was recommended by my guidebook, but it just wasn't that good. My soup and my couscous were both really bland! They brought us out a little dish of super spicy sauce, but it was too spicy for me to use effectively.

Doner (both sober and drunk)
When JG and CL went out to bring back some wodka gorbashev to the 2nd annual CABLab end of spr scotch drink, they also brought back some greasy, salty, amazing doners. Bless their hearts! Then when I woke up the next morning my room still smelled like fried lamb, so I had to have another, from the doner inn adjacent to my hotel. Cheap, greasy, spicy (and supposedly more popular in germany than in turkey).

Spaghetti Carbonara
I had to find out whether Germans make carbonara the italian way or the british way before my sister arrived, so I could report back. Answer: the british way, but with MUCH MORE BACON (at least at the place that I went.) So that was the only carbonara anyone had! I ate it in the hotel restaurant after my talk, along with the first cocktail on the menu that had gin as its first ingredient (I needed it!)

Moon Thai
I had thai food every day for the last 3 days. The first Thai I had was in savignyplatz at Moon Thai, where I got the best tom kha gai I've ever had in my life. I also had a sweet and sour duck that was not nearly as good-- the duck was sooooo fried it needed alot more sauce than it came with. The meat duck, that is. The carrot duck was not fried at all!

Thai Restaurant I don't remember the name of
The second thai I had was for lunch with EW and NWY right after NWY and my sister got in to germany. The Disease had set upon me in full by this meal, so all I managed to eat was about 2 bites of tom kha phak, which was nonetheless really good, even if it had broccoli in it.

Thai Inside
My tom kha gai at Thai Inside was not as good as the one I had at moon thai, it it was still better than any I had gotten to have in champaign in 5 years, so I guess that makes up for it! I was able to eat the entire portion even though I was still too beleaguered by The Disease to eat more than a couple of bites of my pumpkin curry. The pumpkin curry came with a carrot duck AND an ENTIRE GOURD. Very impressive presentation!

Haribo makes my favorite gummy bear (Golden Bears hollah!) but they are never fresh in the US. Not so in the homeland! At the department store across the street from my hotel was an entire wall covered in all the varieties of haribo available for mix and match! I seriously ate like 3 lbs of gummy strawberries, peaches, coke bottles, berries, karmel puddings, and smurfs (they really had gummy smurfs, some with red hats!)

Because of the disease, I hardly left my hotel room for the last 2 days of the trip. For sustenance, my sister would venture out to the various american hamburger venues and obtain whoppers, big macs, etc during periods when I thought my stomach could actually contain food successfully. Hmmmmmmmm foreign whopper!

I think that is just about all the foods I ate in Germany! Thank you Disease, for preventing me from gaining any weight (in fact helping me to LOSE weight) despite this gluttony!


Laura said...

This, and the scotch graph, makes me really wish I had been there with the cablab!! I will make SURE to come next year!! :)

laz said...

Oh good I'm glad you got the scotch graph, I wasn't sure if you were still on that mailing list. We will definitely need more scotch if there are additional participants in scenic, urban portland!