Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yeah so tonight some people came over to watch the most recent 3 episodes of SG:U with me. Two of the episodes were stupid and emotional with almost no alien technology or cgi at all, and the third episode seemed like the writers like gave up about 60 minutes in to an 80 minute episode and never resolved any of the most interesting plots that have been going on in the show to date. Fortunately, we had ice cold vodka, lots of blue moon, and STARGATE COOKIES:

These ones are little stargate style wormholes with a earth chevron in the middle. We also had a few other varieties:

The gate in various stages of operation!

I actually was pretty pissed about the way the decoration came out: the icing I used for the piping came in like an easy cheese can and it was way too hard to squeeze and also came out in way too thick of a line. I had planned to make tons of little chevron cookies like the one in the middle of the first photo, and had also planned on putting some even smaller chevrons on the gates, but the icing was too hard for me to work with. I experimented a little with drawing with the icing with a toothpick, but that didn't really work either. So my cookies that I ended up with didn't match my cookies I had in my head at all. Disappointment!

Hopefully I can do better on Thursday at my no-thanksgiving-foods-allowed wrath of khan thanksgiving dinner. I'm making The Meat Pie and also a new recipe from my bon appetit for a four layer pumpkin cake with orange cream cheese frosting.

God help me, I'm going to have to go to whole foods on the tuesday before thanksgiving to get a beef brisket. God help me.

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