Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009: Preview

It turns out that there are going to be more guests for our no-thanksgiving-foods Khan marathon than were initially anticipated, so we decided to change venue to a place with more available seating. Thus, the actual meal is not going to be served at my apartment, which for some reason makes me feel less responsible for the event, to the degree that I've decided to break my usual embargo on blogging about dishes I've prepared for group tasting before I serve them.

Tomorrow I will prepare The Meat Pie, but tonight I went ahead and got my Four Layer Pumpkin Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing on. Here is a shot in which all four massive layers are visible:

Shit yeah I made all 4 of those layers of warm, spicy pumpkin cake! Here's the assembled product, complete with adorable orange peel garnish:

One of the best parts of the prep for this cake is that in order to make the sides even even with the four layers, it is necessary to cut down the round, overlapping, messy parts around the edges before frosting the sides of the cake. What this means is that there was essentially a pile of cake about the size of an extra large piece, covered with frosting, all laying on my prep plate when I got done evening out the sides. What THAT means is that I got to sample an extra large piece while it was still warm tonight, without anyone being the wiser tomorrow. Aha! And shit friends, it was tastilicious! I was far from being above scraping up the tiny ribbons of frosting left in the bowl with sections from the orange I peeled for zesting. Why was the frosting so good? Because it was made of equal parts butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar, with a heap of orange zest! Usually I don't like cream cheese frosting, but the orange zest really makes this one a winner! That was some good frosting! And I learned from last year to cram as much of the frosting onto the cake as I possibly could, even if I had to be creative about where to stash it.

I'm considering "live-blogging" thanksgiving tomorrow. Since it's not at my house and since there are going to be a lot of guests, from what I understand we're going to do it like buffet style and everyone just eat on the couch or floor or whatever while watching KHAN, not at a formal sit down meal. So I can blog about each dish that I eat! I know already that we are going to have my Meat Pie and cake, a beer can chicken, a sweet potato pie, some seafood, and some soup! But I don't know more specifics than that, so the dishes are all going to be surprises. Sounds like a winning situation for liveblogging, to me.

I wish you all could be there with me tomorrow, stuffing your faces with cake and Meat Pie! Barring that, I wish you all significant progress towards your spherical ascendance!

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laz said...

I just looked at the photo of this cake in my bon appetit, for comparison, and their frosting is WAY thicker than mine (in consistency, not depth of spread). How did they get the frosting that thick and still spread it on the cake without tearing the tiny thin little 4 cake layers to shit? I really want to know!