Thursday, December 17, 2009

Billings List, 2009

I imagine that most people, when they go home for christmas, have a list of a few local places that they want to make sure to visit. Here's mine for Billings, MT:

MacKenzie River Pizza Company

A california kind of pizza kind of place, with your standard hand made pizza dough topped with a good range of toppings from pepperoni to thai chicken. They've also got big gigantic salads and "lodge poles," aka cheese smothered garlic breadsticks that come with ranch and marinara. My favorite pie from here is the Madison, which comes topped with red sauce, cheddar, ricotta, and bacon.
Dos Machos
Cheap, quick mexican in a place with sombreros and wooden parrots hanging all over the walls. NACHOS.
Gooey, cheesy Italian, with pasta and sugo both made on site. LOVE the meatball sub, the cheese lasagna, the pizza, and the meatballs. God, I love everything they make!
Walker's Grille
For a long time Walker's has been clearly the best restaurant in Billings (and therefore probably in Montana, if I had to guess), but they were slipping a little last year quality of ingredients and imagination of menu-wise. I can't wait to go back, get some tapas, and see how they're doing now!

What are your favorite hometown establishments??


fen said...

My hometown establishments would be an impossible list to build (for NYC).

I suppose if I were to limit it to Queens, I'd be left with "That really good Indian place on the corner" and "That other Indian place on the corner, next to the really good Indian place."

laz said...

oh yeah I forgot that not all of my readership come from shitcan towns in the square states. NYC would be hard!