Saturday, December 26, 2009

Billings restaurants that aren't as good as walker's: Jake's Bar and Grille Edition

There were a lot of problems with the service: we didn't get our bread for 20 minutes, I was asked specifically if i wanted anchovies on my caesar salad (and got SUPER excited because I LOVE anchovies on a caesar salad and like no where in billings does it) and then received a salad with no anchovies. My dining partner and I both ordered our steaks medium well-- mine came out medium rare and his came out well. One of the waitresses (not ours) was apparently the mother of someone I went to junior high school with 15 years ago, and came over to our table multiple times to talk to us, including showing us unsolicted family photos. And then, the piece de resistance, the worst service move in steak house history: some anorexic bus girl came out, put like a teaspoon of butter on my baked potato, and then took all the toppings away from me! I was horrified.

I overheard our waitress complaining at another table about how it had gotten so busy at 630... first of all there were several empty tables in her section, and second of all, what, they didn't think there were going to be lots of guests at 630 on saturday night the day after christmas?

Walker's has nothing to fear from this new jake's, even if its interior is very suggestive of.... the interior of walker's!

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