Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Second Annual Gift Basket Roundup: Grapefruit Mystery

Hello readers! It's time for that beloved lazfood holiday tradition: the gift basket roundup. The gift basket roundup is necessitated by the trifecta of unfortunate holiday facts that 1) my mom won't let me cook anything when I'm home, 2) there are no decent restaurants for me to report on in billings (at least none that I didn't already report on, below), and 3) my dad gets about 50 gift baskets a day all december from his clients.

When I got in to the airport late last night, I mentioned that I was hungry from my trip and my mom promptly launched in to a listing of all the gift basket foods that were available for my snacking at home. First, we had a homebaked cookie tin from my dad's secretaries-- which I opened this morning, said "uggghhhhh" and closed again-- and then we had a box of apples, a box of mandarin oranges, two boxes of grapefruits, and a box of pears.

This brings me to the grapefruit mystery. Namely: why the fuck do so many of my dad's clients independently decide that it would be a good idea to send him a box of grapefruits for christmas? We reliably get 2 or 3 boxes of them every year. Does this happen to your parents? Do they get tons of boxes of grapefruit from business associates? It just seems like such a random, non-festive gift. Especially because my dad doesn't even really like grapefruit, so it's not like he often says to people on the phone "wow, I had a great grapefruit this morning, it was so good, there's nothing I like more than grapefruit!" Oh and also because they almost always freeze, because it is usually like 5 degrees in montana in december!

I told my mom I was writing a blog post about this and she said that if I got answers she wanted to hear them, so the stakes here are high! Who else's parents get grapefruits for christmas, and how many, and why??


Michael Lugo said...

Maybe there's some catalog that gets sent to lots of people in Montana that prominently features grapefruit.

laz said...

Possible, but his clients are literally from all over the world. I would guess that only about 40-50% of them are from montana. But maybe that's where all the grapefruit comes from! I will need to investigate the locations of the grapefruit sources more carefully!

Laura said...

Grapefruit boxes are popular fundraiser items around here... do the people sending them have kids in high school who may be trying to raise money for their high school marching band or some such thing? Maybe they are trying to kill two birds with one stone by supporting some fundraiser and sending Christmas presents!

I'm surprised by the whole presents-from-clients thing in general! Neither of my parents have ever gotten any sort of Christmas present from anyone they work with, so far as I know. I guess they don't really have clients though. Maybe that is the difference!

laz said...

Hmmmmm when I first read this I thought "That's it! These poor clients are just at their wits end trying to figure out who to send all that fund raiser grapefruit to, and they land on my dad!" But then I thought about it some more and realized that at least one of the boxes of grapefruit has been arriving at our door reliably in the middle of december for about 20 years (i.e., much longer than even the most pessimistic length of american high school), and another of the boxes of fruit came from our uncle, who has no children and no friends. But maybe some of the other, less reliable, boxes of frozen fruit ARE coming from fundraisers! I bet you are right!