Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Second Annual Gift Basket Roundup: Chocolate Cake Price Check

We expected my aunt's christmas cake to arrive at my dad's office on christmas eve (because she said that's where and when it was going to be delivered), but by special christmas surprise it got here today! It is six inches wide, and cost 60$! Wow, quadruple what she paid last year. Plus shipping (14.95). I do not understand why this cake cost sixty dollars. It doesn't even have a ganache frosting! It only serves 6! And (unrelated to its price point) it has already been frozen at least once because it is like 10 degrees here. Why do people mail us food?! Listen, parents' well wishers: it is cold in montana in december!

I am expecting this cake to be dry and gross, partly because I can tell from looking at the frosting that the frosting is like 100% shortening or something equally waxy and gross, and also because it was frozen for like a day.

We also got another box of frozen pears.

Holiday gift baskets are grim so far. But we still have the M family christmas tray, a banana bread from my mom's friend J (I have only met J like once but I like her because she bakes and has a tiny annoying dog), some meat pasties from my mom's friend Mrs. E., and, last year's winner, fudge and chili from my badass uncle ahead of us. Although all these gift baskets are assured, we haven't eaten from any of them yet because we are waiting for my sister who is stuck in la france. Hahah yeah I just realized that the reason the gift baskets are grim so far is that we're saving all the good ones for when my sister gets here.

Because I have been making tons of chili lately, I'm wondering if my uncle's gift basket is going to be able to win again this year, or if the meat pasties or m family cookie tray might unseat him. While my chili is probably at least as good as his (well, because I tailor it to my tastes), I think M is as better baker than me (or at least has a wider christmas cookie repetoire.) Also the cream cheese pastry that S makes for the meat pasties is pretty divine, so I think the meat pasties are still in the running. Who will take the exultant honor of gift basket supremacy this year!!!!

My mom just came over to where I am typing this and handed me some shelled pistachios. I love my mommy!

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