Sunday, December 13, 2009

White bean and chicken chili

The winter chili series continued this week, with a white bean and chicken variety:

Blah, see what I mean about photographs of chili? I took about 20 pictures of it, and the one that actually probably looked the most appetizing was the one where the steam had escaped from the pot, fogged the lens of the camera, and obscured the chili from view.

Instantly as soon as I took my first bite of this I knew that I wished I could do it over with a can of tomato paste in the broth. It needs acid, bad. Even some lime juice. I think what I had in mind for this chili was that it would be pretty sweet and tomatoey, and instead it is white and pretty much tastes like tabasco. I have no idea how it got so many forks on epicurious-- those bastards are usually pretty stingy with the forks and even I would probably only give this 2. Maybe I am just cranky because I didn't realize I was going to have to soak the beans overnight and thus didn't finish until 11PM instead of 7PM when I could have actually eaten a whole meal of this instead of just a taste (which burned my mouth!)

It's really a shame that the broth turned out so bad because I discovered in my prep that I really like cannellini beans AND the rotisserie chicken I got for this from whole foods was amazing-- as was the process of ripping it to shreds. In fact, in all, probably the most enjoyable part of this entire debacle was shredding the chicken WITH MY BARE HANDS! It seriously reminds me a lot of this weird progresso diet chicken enchilada soup I have tried in the past, and that is not a compliment.

So this week's chili is full of fail, and I probably won't cook next weekend because I'm going home to MT on monday so I won't have time to eat too many leftovers. Maybe I'll just make cookies. Yeah, cookies. Then it will be time for the second annual lazfood holiday gift basket round up!

I was about to say "then when I come back I'll try this chili again with tomato paste" but I realized that was folly of the most naive sort-- there are way too many delicious chili and soup recipes out there for me to mangle this one again. And who knows what I'll be in the mood for in january!

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